DotCom Secrets Book Review (2nd Edition) By Russell Brunson

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DotCom Secrets Book Review

If you are enthusiastic to learn digital marketing and looking for a book that will develop your marketing skill, then it is the right place for you, and keep reading.

Dotcom Secrets Book is written by Russell Brunson, one of the best marketing experts. The main focus of this book is to teach you about the process of sales growth.

At the starting of the book, the author mentioned that this book will be evergreen book years after years for the digital marketer.

We know the marketing strategy has been continuously changing but the book is amazingly useful in marketing every year. Here you get a lot of marketing advice that will help you with your business.

The Dotcom Secrets is an influential and transformative book. The author provides a road map that will helpful for starting a business as well as an existing business.

You get an idea of how to develop a sustainable online business. The mentioned road-map is real-life actionable and this roadmap creates from real-life experience.

When you deep down into the Dotcom Secrets book, you get a clear step-by-step guide to do online business through the sales funnel.

If you want to build your career in the digital marketplace or want to start an online business from zero or want to grow the sales of your existing business, then it is the must-read book for you.

So, before going with this book you should complete this review up to the last verdict to get an overall idea of the Dotcom Secrets Book.

Dotcom Secrets Book Summary

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  • Author: Russell Brunson
  • Official Site:
  • Price: Free + Shipping ($9.95 in USA or $19.95 others)
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  • Amazon Price: $18.98
  • Dotcom Secrets Kindle version: $12.53
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  • Language: English

Dotcom Secrets Book Review

If you want to start an online business or scale your business, the Dotcom Secrets Book is best for you written by Russell Brunson. Because the main focus of this book is to analyze the core strategies to build an online business of your own.

The author, Russell Brunson explains why many entrepreneurs don’t find traffic to sell products. He solves this problem by creating his own sales funnel.

The way of spending money is important. You have to know how to and where to spend money to grow your business.

Here you get the shortcut techniques to build your business in a short time. That saves your money and time. It is a life-changing and most valuable book for an entrepreneur through this journey.

At the very beginning, a question arises in your mind, what things do we find in this book review? For this, we share some points that you will find in this review with a short glimpse.

  • Why do you like this book or not?
  • A detailed breakdown of the chapter of this book.
  • Basic information of the author.
  • Is the book is free or not?
  • Dotcom Secrets book funnel (Upsell)
  • How do you get to benefit from this book?
  • Pricing
  • The pros and cons of the book
  • And so on…

Our objective is to help you to decide the Dotcom Secrets book is for you or not. Before buying this book you get a summary of the necessary information in this article. So, spread out yourself in this review.

Who is the Author?

Russell BrunsonClick Funnels is a popular term in digital marketing. If you heard this kind of term, you should know Russell Brunson who is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and author of this best book named Dotcom Secrets.

He builds the $400 Million company with 70,000 active users by the secrets mentioned in that book. He is the instructor of the affiliate marketplace and does different largest conferences on digital marketing strategies. He’s sold over 4,00,000 copies of this book and make more than 3 million dollars.

In a short, we can say that he is one of the most successful marketing and sales expert in today’s marketplace and the author of the most popular Dotcom Secrets book.

What is Dotcom Secrets Book?

Dotcom Secrets BookIn the market, there have two editions of the Dotcom Secrets Book. The first edition launch in 2015 and the latest edition launched in May 2020.

The updated version launched with Clickfunnels theory that can generate from zero to a hundred million dollars in sale. The main purpose of this book to teach to build your own sales funnel.

If you are confused about your business, puzzled with lead generation, increase traffic, or sales online, then it is the perfect book for you. You should grab it and do action according to this book.

The main key features of the Dotcom Secrets book are mentioned below:

  • This book will help you to grow exponential growth of traffic to increase your sales.
  • Communication with the audience is more important for the business. This book gives you a different suggestions for the conversation that you can use in a different situations.
  • You get the solution to the little problem that can make a bigger problem in your business.

The Dotcom Secrets Book is designed with 393 pages, the 2nd edition than the previous one only 254 pages. The author provides his 15 years of experience secrets of online marketing in this book. For that reason, you get a ton of sales and marketing advice in the Dotcom Secrets Book.

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Who Should read the Dotcom Secrets Book?

In the business, we want security. As an entrepreneur, we use our time for the business purpose. So, it will come to our mind that who should read the Dotcom Secrets Book by using his or her time?

It has a simple answer that the book contained with proven business shortcuts written by renowned online marketer Russell Brunson.

This is valuable for the people who are:

  • New Entrepreneurs: The new entrepreneurs get the idea of how to start an online business with proper guidelines.
  • Existing entrepreneurs: Existing entrepreneurs can scale their business with the ton of advice that has proven mentioned in this book.
  • Product Owners: The strategies have given can double or even triple your product sale.
  • Confident Marketers: You will be confident to take challenges to your business if you take action according to this book.

Now you have an idea who has to read the Dotcom Secrets Book at least once. Already you know enough about the book and it is high time to jump into the review where chapter by chapter has been discussed.

DotCom Secrets Review: An In-Depth Look Inside

The Digital marketplace has been changing, day to day life. But the Dotcom Secrets Book is different because it described marketing strategies that are evergreen. He also described the changing of policies from old to new.

The Dotcom Secrets Book has 5 sections, simple marketing policies, implementations.

  • Section One: Ladders and Funnels
  • Section Two: Your Communication Formula
  • Section Three: Funnelology
  • Section Four: Funnels and Scripts
  • Section Five: ClickFunnels

In every section, there are so many secrets described that will be helpful for your business. You should go with these secrets to start your own online business or existing business.

Section One: Ladders and Funnels

Ladders and Funnels

In the starting of this Russell Brunson give some question to the audience and explain in chapters. This chapter contains 5 secrets and these are explained with a graphical view. Every secret is co-related and you can’t skip anyone.

Secret #1: The Secret Formula

The main secret of the business is to find the type of your business and where to start. You should also understand your customers and clients.

In the secret formula, four simple questions outline your business.

  • Who are your dream clients?
  • How do you find them?
  • How do you attach them without being pushy?
  • What benefit will they get from your business?

You will find this answer in this chapter and this will help your business. These questions move forward to your value ladder. This value ladder step by step reaches your desired goal.

Secret #2: The Value Ladder

The value ladder is the key to your success in your sustainable business. This ladder will help you to start a business at a zero point.

A successful business depends on a perfect ladder structure. You can make money with your customized solution.

Secret #3: From a Ladder to a Funnel

It is a magical secret. This secret grows your business. Here you get the idea of how to create your sales funnel.

The sales funnel changes the entrepreneur’s sales online approach. It works with your customer’s behavior and they will be willing to buy your service or product.

Secret #4: How to Find your Dream Customers

How to Find your Dream Customers

Every business has a target market. You have to identify this market and the customer. Here you will discover the sales funnel that takes the attention of your dream customer.

Some basic marketing tips will find here such as Free+Shiiping, perfect webinar, invisible funnel, and black box funnel. Every online marketer should learn these tricks.

Secret #5: The Three Types of Traffic

In the online business generating traffic to your website is too hard. For this, you have to understand the types of traffic. The author describes to you the traffic who are ready to pay you.

The three types of traffic are mentioned below:

  • Traffic we control
  • The traffic we don’t control
  • Traffic we own

You have to understand the traffic behavior and whose traffic for your business. Because the main energy of your business is the traffic that will generate your income.

Section Two: Your Communication Funnel

Another name of the communication funnel is the follow-up funnel. This funnel builds relations with your customer and can make long-term business.

For maintaining a proper communication channel with your customer, you should have an attractive character. This chapter contains three secrets that will teach you about the follow-up funnel.

Secret #6: The attractive character

At first, you have to set up your approach to the audience. Make a voice what people want to listen not for selling something or give them an offer to attract something to buy. Your proper approach or voice to the audience makes you a leader.

Everyone is a born leader but we cannot realize it. Every people has a unique character that makes you different from others if you flourish it. The strong mentality, talent, and skill development a leadership voice with an attractive character.

Secret #7: The Soap Opera Sequence

Soap Opera Sequence

This will describe how to create bondage to your dream customer from zero to the last and this bondage will grow your business as well as customer network. This will move you to sustainable business.

The important secret of this is email marketing. It is the media to connect with your customer.

Secret #8: Daily Seinfeld Sequence

It is the day-to-day planning with your customer through email marketing. You have to share your life and relevant stories that will help your customer to come closer.

If you can make the fixed customers of your own, they will make enormous income for you. Different offers will provide but don’t bore the audience.

Section Three: Funnelology

You get the strategies and tactics to build your different customized funnels in this section. You also get the process to make a funnel that will generate income.

Russel Brunson gives you the proper guideline to make a basic funnel to sales funnel. He tries to describe all kinds of funnels.

Secret #9: Reverse-Engineering A successful Funnel

The common problem of every entrepreneur is struggling with their sales funnel. They take different attempts to make them successful. But the reverse-engineering process is better than this.

At first, they have to set the goal and come back to the starting point with perfect planning. For that he should keep on the eye:

  • Traffic Sources
  • Offers
  • Landing Page
  • Ad copy
  • Demography

These are the elements of the reverse-engineering and these are the priceless gift of the business. It is quite easy for you when you read this book properly.

Secret #10: Seven Phases of Funnel

Seven Phases of Funnel

This book will open your eye to building the funnel. The author describes all the phases to make the customized funnel. The first phase is customer temperature and it is the starting point. The graphical explanation helps you to know the things.

These phases will give an idea about the landing page that will generate your income through customers. The funnel is not working every time. For that reason, you have to know when you develop your funnel.

Secret #11: The Twenty-Three Building Blocks of a Funnel

By maintaining the seven phases you can make your landing page but the base of your business lies on twenty-three building blocks.

These blocks are classified into four main blocks such as Preframe Bridge, Quality Subscribers, Quality Buyers, and Identify Buyers heat. Once you understand how the blocks are work, you can lead in the digital marketplace.

Secret #12: Frontend Vs. Backend Funnels

Frontend Vs. Backend Funnels

Sometimes expert markets get confused about their Funnel. The author focuses on both the frontend and backend funnels.

The frontend funnel develops based on the adder and the backend funnel develops based on twenty-three blocks. It is mandatory to maintain those two funnels to run a stable business.

Secret #13: The Best Bait

In this secret, you get the magical words that can change your business if you put this in the right place. The law of attraction is the main key point of your business.

You have to understand the timing of the offer and know the product category that the customer wants. Based on this you should make your bait.

Section Four: Funnels and Scripts

The unique section of this book. It describes the operational tips and tricks. The author provides a deeper idea about running Clickfunnels that other companies are using to make millions of money.

He split the funnel into three different parts for better understanding. You get detailed ideas of the funnel with scripts in this section. Related: Funnel Scripts Software

1. Frontend Funnel: Two-Step – Free Plus Shiping

The Two-Step funnel is a very common trick by Russell Brunson and this offer works.

It follows two steps which contain a video with who, what, where, and how to question framework, as well as the second step, asks for credit card information with shipping and handling charges for the first time.

You will get all the scripts and procedures in-depth in this section.

2. Frontend Funnel: Self-Liquidating Offer

Self-Liquidating Offer

It is quite the same as the previous one. The goal of this Self Liquidating Offer is to reach the breakeven and cover the money that is used for advertising.

Russell Brunson introduces a unique scripts here called Star, Story, Solution Scripts. The main focus of the SLO (Self-Liquidating Offer) is to develop income through lead generation.

3. Frontend Funnel: Continuity

This Funnel deals with the customer network. The author explains this funnel how utilizes the visitor for a longer period. This time the audience will generate income for you.

By using this funnel you can see the success rate of your sale that is examined in real life and your online business will be stable.

4. Middle Funnel: Perfect Webinar

Perfect Webinar

It is the first funnel of the middle section. It is connected with the value ladder. The main focus of this funnel is to live or recorded presentations to sell your product or services by using autopilot techniques.

A lot of experienced digital marketers using this funnel to increase their sales. Here, you get the free Webinar scripts.

5. Middle Funnel: Invisible Perfect Webinar

It is not free like the perfect webinar. It is a more advanced funnel with an innovative presentation where your main focus will get people to buy. It is invisible means it is not forced, it like a natural sales growing platform.

In this book, you also get these upgraded scripts of the invisible webinar.

6. Middle Funnel: Product Launch

Before launching a brand product, you should need this funnel by sharing a series of videos and providing extra value to your online business. These videos are helpful and entertaining that will attract your audience to your online business.

In the Dotcom Secrets Book, you will get the structure of product launching videos.

7. Backend Funnel: High-Ticket, Three-Step Application

This is the last funnel of the Dotcom Secrets Book. When you are the master of art selling you need high-ticket offers using an advanced formula and scripts. This funnel helps for getting the customer to increase your sale.

Section Five: ClickFunnels

It is the actionable section of this book. In the Dotcom Secrets Book, you get advice to increase your income by using ClickFunnels. The different tools and scripts of ClickFunnels explain in this section.

The author Russell Brunson also gives importance to ClickFunnels for the digital marketing business.

What Will Learn from This Book?

Now, you know the Dotcom Secrets book provide you with different kind of lessons of Funnels and you will be benefited if you take massive action that is trained in this book will generate your online sales.

The final summation will zero if you just read the book once and don’t take any kind of action. The things that you learn from this are:

  • You can know the value ladder and its structure.
  • It builds your confidence to start a new brand with different marketing strategies.
  • The customer network can generate who wants to take service from you.
  • Finally, this book gives you actionable steps to build your digital business through different kinds of Funnels.

The book is for you if you want to an expert in the online marketplace. You can sell your service, product, or anything by the mentioned Funnel and scripts in this book.

DotCom Secrets Pros and Cons

DotCom Secrets is a great book if you want to gain insights, see examples, and read stories that will inspire you to build a successful business online or guide you in transitioning from offline to online marketing channels. So let’s consider the pros and cons quickly:


This is one of the best books of Russell Brunson in the digital marketplace. It gives you everything you need to build your followers and generate income.

The author does not skip any points. Every book has pros and cons in different aspects. But it is difficult to find any negative point of the Dotcom Secrets book.

  • Low Cost: Compare to the information of the Dotcom Secrets Book, it is free for you. The price of the book is very truncated compare to other books related to digital marketing. The price is $7.95 with shipping in the USA and $14.95 international.
  • More Experienced: You can learn advanced online business strategies by value ladder and sales funnel within a short time at a very low cost.
  • Become a Leader: By using the secrets and different types of Funnels you will be the leader in the digital marketplace. The book starts from zero and ends up to the master of the online marketer
  • Quick Result: The techniques mentioned in the Dotcom Secrets book that shows you rapid result in your business sales.
  • Know Business Model: The different types of business models are described in the book with proper explanation. You get all the scripts and structure of these business models.
  • Network Base: A strong customer network base can be created by Frontend Funnel: Continuity. This will make your business more sustainable and generate a fixed income from your strong customer base.


As we mentioned above that it is difficult to find any cons of this book. From our experience, we get only one problem with this book that is mentioned below

  • Long time to receive: It takes a long time, at least 7 to 14 days to receive the book, if your country is not the US and the period time will vary from country-wise.
  • Not For New Comer: The book is not for the newcomer. The people who know nothing about the digital marketplace, the book is not for them.

DotCom Secrets Book Pricing

The pricing of this book is free. They are offering it for free on their website, but you have to pay the shipping fee to get the hard copy. So it’s also a strategy to get attention by offering free materials.

Currently, you have to pay 9.95$ for shipping and handling in the US and 19.95$ for internationals. However, there are also other sources like Amazon to grab this book. They are selling it for 31$.

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DotCom Secrets Free Book

Thanks to Russell for offering the book free from his website (you just pay for shipping).

DotCom Secrets Upsell Options

Although you will easily get the free version of the books and start getting good value from this, they also offer some upsells.

These upsells are optional, so you don’t need to overthink about this, but it’ll add significant value.

This is The DotCom Secrets Funnel Upsells:

  • Order Bump #1: You get The Black Box
  • Order Bump #2: You get the 3 Funnel Bundle
  • One Time Offer #1: You gain access to the Audio Books + Bonuses
  • One Time Offer #2: Instant access to the Traffic Secrets Course
  • Thank You Page: Lastly, you will find other upsells on the Thank You Page.

There you’ll get an option to get access to Funnel Builder Secrets which is a special discounted rate for ClickFunnels Platinum. This is the higher plan that includes everything that Russell and his team have ever created – Actionetics/Follow Up Funnels Backpack affiliate program!

These options are completely on you. However, you will get great value from that.

DoCom Secrets Review Summary: Is It Worth Getting The Book?

It can be said undoubtedly that the Dotcom Secrets Book is the best digital marketing and sales funnel book in the online marketplace.

You will find a lot of tips and strategies for online business in this book. When you start to read this book, it takes a little bit of time and it will pay you when you take action according to the book in the online business.

On the other hand, it is a great inspiring book for the entrepreneur and the online beginner marketer. The details of the sales funnel and Clickfunnels develop your business.

So, we can recommend you to go with this book to develop your online career in the digital marketplace.

DotCom Secrets Book (FAQs)

There are a bunch of questions that people are confused about. So here we are, answering the most asked questions to clear it out.

Ans: The kindle version is available. You can buy a kindle version of this book from Amazon. Buy On Amazon

Ans: You can get the hard copy from their website, and as you know, they are offering it free. Also, the book is available on Amazon.

Ans: The book has an audio version, but this is only available in the upsell.

Ans: There is none. You pay and get the book.

Ans: It’ll take approximately 5-7 business days in the US and 10-15 days for international shipping.

Ans: Yes, you can become their affiliate. Russel has opened an affiliate program. They pay a healthy commission per sale. You can find the exact rate on their affiliate page.

Ans: Russel offers a refund. If you don’t like the book, you can ask for a refund, and they will refund your shipping fee. Interestingly, you don’t need to return the books as it is free!

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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